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Yellow Gold

ginette_ny: tiny diam

ginette loves…small sparkly things!


tiny diam star: $370

tiny diam snake…tiny peace sign…tiny bow…- $635 each

not featured (dragonfly and lotus also $635 each)


Please call the boutique at (212) 627-3763 for details


ginette_ny…spring 10 collection

Life Is A Beach

Please visit our website to view the Spring 2010 collection.

If you have any questions please call ginette boutique at 212 627.3763 or send us an email at ginetteny@aim.com

happy shopping!

items shown in photo:

left image: circle sautoir, 13 disc sautoir

middle image: large disc ring , mini baguette on silk, mini dragonfly on silk, brushed star on silk,  mini bow on silk, mini lace “ngy” on silk

right image:  jumbo circle on chain

sexy ginette

Sexy ginette

– Three in one –

14kt gold buckle (square or rectangle)

Slide the buckle onto one of the two elastic ruffles that comes with the kit to wear as a bracelet or a sexy chocker style necklace

(as shown in photo).

Also available with diamonds.

Please call the jewelry bar 212 627-3763 for additional information.

ginette loves to share

ginette_ny "you & me" necklace

ginette_ny "you & me" necklace

give a piece of your heart to the one you love.  introducing the you and me necklace. this sweet 14kt yellow gold necklace comes in three sizes and can be purchased as a set or individually.

*valentine day deduction in progress

please call the boutique for detail

Jumbo Feather

ginette_ny 14kt gold jumbo feather necklace

Unlike Yankee Doodle, we wear our feather around our neck.

Smaller sizes are available…also available with diamonds.

Call boutique for detail. 212 627 3763

ginette loves obama

click to enlarge


We can relate to the idea of change the same way our favorite candidate for President  does. Our relation? Well…changing your under garment everyday, changing your bed linen regularly, changing your lip stick… it’s very, VERY important!

Fred has created limited edition “ginette loves obama” necklaces to show our support and to urge everyone to go out there and voteeven if you are for the other guy.

Change  starts from within.  Seriously, wearing the same lipstick can be quiet boring…


Well Rounded

What better way to complete a well rounded chic look then with a simple yet gorgeous circle …-ok, excuse the obvious word association.
photo courtesy of gloriajewel

photo courtesy of gloriajewel (click to enlarge)

 From left to right:

Many circle weekly

Mini circle necklace: $170 (also available in rose gold and white gold)

Large Circle Necklace : $215 (also available in rose gold and white gold)